The Smart Affiliate Marketing Concept

Posted by on January 16, 2018

There has been so much definition given by experts in the field as to what Affiliate Marketing really is. Some say it is performance advertising while others believe it to be a revenue sharing program. Both definitions are not wrong. It boils down on the perspective from which the author sees it.Without much ado, I will delve right into the concept of smart Affiliate Marketing. You need to follow these 11 stepped processes to succeed in any Affiliate Marketing business. If you are ready, let’s roll!

1. Research and pick a profitable market/niche

2. Choose a “lead product” (preferably a low priced downloadable Clickbank product with good pay out).

3. Choose at least 4 back end products related to your niche with higher payouts.

4. Choose a product with a residual income such as a membership/subscription-based product.

5. Set up a blog, create an opt-in landing page to capture the subscriber and offer the lead product.

6. Drive traffic to the opt-in page.

7. Build a good rapport with your list by sending to them quality useful information, news, tips and bits. Automate the delivery using an autoresponder.

8. Promote the remaining 5 backend products. This should be included in the autoresponder to be delivered within a space of 12-14 weeks from the lead product.

9. Optimize the campaign to increase the Return On Investment (ROI).

10. Send out occasional broadcast to your list so they don’t forget you.

11. Create your own product (though optional). This could be an improvement of an existing product or an entirely new product idea related to your niche. They will love it.

The above concepts are the basis that makes up any successful Affiliate Marketing campaign. Now that we have our course outline, I will like you to join me as I throw more light on each concept.

Source by Ismail Hassan

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