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Posted by on April 26, 2018

I have been doing the Affiliate thing since March of 2008. I have had some success with it but getting tired of spending time on an idea only for it to either be a bust or make minimal income. I have promoted Auto Parts & Accessories, since I have been in the business since 1991 and am well knowledgeable of the industry. To make any real money with the Auto Parts & Accessories you need to have a ton of sales. Most companies only offer 6% – 10% commission. With a well visited site the amount of money you could make would be efficient for the time spent on building and designing the site. Which comes to my next complaint.

I quit my regular job in 2002 to create an online presence to sell auto accessories. I created a Website using Yahoo Stores, now known as Merchant Solutions. I only had access to Mopar Accessories (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep) and only created the Online Store with these Accessories. I used ONE SEO site to promote the site and I was indexed very well on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Dogpile, many keywords were within the top 5. I did so well that I bought parts from the #1 Ranked Dealer in Parts sales in the United States and I was there 2nd highest customer to purchase parts, in 2004 I purchased $389,000 in Mopar Accessories. By the end of 2005 my sales started to drop, dealers started to realize the potential of the Internet and started creating online sites to sell the same items I was selling. They however could sell them for less and it started to hurt my business. In 2006 I decided to call it quits and go back and get a regular job. I have been in a normal job since then and now want to get back into the Internet sales, just as an affiliate now.

The site I used before for my SEO must be out of business and I use a well known named site to submit my URL’s. I have paid them for the last 5 months to submit to 300 engines as they say and I still not have seen any results, is this due to the Internet being so jammed with website’s now? I have my pages Search Engine Friendly, have proper use of Meta Tags with Title, Description and Keywords done correctly, at least I believe so, I do the same way as I did when I was indexed like I was when I had my own Business. I understand that Google has a “Sandbox” for new sites, but for the smaller Search Engines I would assume I would receive more traffic than I do.

I am now creating a blog style site and trying to find useful information that people can use and put that sort of stuff on there. Using mostly Google AdSense for an income option. Which would most likely work If the site received enough traffic a day. Well enough venting for now. The site is new but there is some useful info on there. Visit it at http://www.usawebsiteinfo.com

Source by Bobby Ryan

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