Using Micro Niche Finder to Create Multiple Profit Streams – # 1 – Article Marketing

Posted by on September 1, 2018

The Micro Niche Finder videos demonstrate how to create 5 different profit streams using this powerful software. Today we'll look at Profit Stream # 1, article marketing.

The first step is to enter a base keyword into the Search box of Micro Niche Finder to locate long tail keywords for your potential market. The cutting edge features of Micro Niche Finder show you exactly which keywords are low competition, high demand keyword phrases.

Once you have located these keywords or keyword phrases, then search for affiliate programs from within the Micro Niche Finder interface. You can find targeted products in the Clickbank Marketplace or through the Google Search Page, simply by clicking the appropriate link. Micro Niche Finder searches for these affiliate products automatically.

If you know which keywords are low competition but high demand and have been able to find a good affiliate program to promote, the next step is to write an article using your targeted keywords or keyword phrases. Submit this article to article directories such as EzineArticles. If you use EzineArticles, you are not allowed to put a link in the article body leading directly to the affiliate product.

At this point you should create a blog at WordPress or Blogger, or a Squidoo Lens. In the resource box of your article, provide a link to your blog or lens, where you promote the affiliate product that you found using Micro Niche Finder.

You will want to update your blog or lens frequently, especially when it is first created. To keep your blog or lens fresh and more highly rated in Google, use the Built-in Unlicensed Content Search to find content that you can freely modify and reuse on your blog or lens.

If you follow these steps, in a short time your article may well end up on the first page of Google, and get lots of hits, resulting in a steady stream of commission payments.

Now you may be wondering if a first page listing on Google is really possible. I can honestly say YES. Just today, I searched on Google for three of my articles which were published only two or three days ago. When I checked for the exact phrase, I was on PAGE 1 for two of these articles.

How did I achieve a page 1 listing on Google after only a couple of days? The reason is because I used Micro Niche Finder to locate the longtail keywords that I used in these articles. And I submitted my articles to EzineArticles which is the highest ranked article directory.

This is how you can easily create your first profit stream using the Micro Niche Finder. But do not stop with a single article or niche. Continue using Micro Niche Finder to locate good keywords, keep cranking out those articles, and before you know it those commission checks will come flooding in.

Source by Carl Langlois

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