Using Pay Per Click to Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Posted by on July 15, 2018

You want to get started in Affiliate Marketing but you do not have a website. There is no need to worry. There are a couple of ways to do Affiliate Marketing where no website is needed. Sites like Clickbank offer thousands of products that you can promote without a website.

Sign up for Clickbank and receive your affiliate id. Then go to the marketplace and find a product which you think you can promote successfully. Click the generate hop-link button and fill in your affiliate id. The link that you receive will be the one you are going to promote.

The quickest way to start receiving targeted traffic to your link is to advertise it on a few pay per click search engines. Try Google and Overture first since they are the most popular. I personally have had more success on Overture than Google. Once you sign up your account you can create your ads and select your keywords. Use the keyword selector tools to help you choose relevant keywords with a low cost per click.

You will want to get your ad placed between position 3 and 5. The first two positions are usually too expensive and not worth it. Be sure to set a budget for your campaigns. I have heard too many horror stories of beginners leaving their campaigns on and logging in to find that there has been thousands of dollars wasted!

The last thing to remember is that if you have not made a sale by around 300 clicks the product's sales page is not converting well. I usually go for at least 300 clicks or to my profit margin. The profit margin will be however much you get paid per sale. If that number is $ 20 then you will not want to exceed $ 20 in clicks without making a sale.

Source by Jonathan Holloway

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