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Posted by on September 6, 2018

Marketing a product or service through the power of the internet is a time consuming night for most people as the amount of reliable information is drowned out by those who seek to take advantage of this scenario. So just what are the steps you need to take to have your website found in the search engines? The answer is actually many different things. And don`t feel it's the pinnacle to be found on page 1 of Google. One of my own sub-domains languishes there, and that's a fine word for it as the traffic produced is close to 300 a month. There are other search engines available so not to be found in Google does not mean disaster as ask, msn, alta vista and other worthy search engine traffic is just as highly prized.

Firstly you will need to be organized as there are several different tactics to employ. Start by making a folder and call it something like "website promotion tools". Then create a sub folder within for article writing, (this is by far one of the best methods for getting inbound links which is seen by the SEs as a vote for your site more than a reciprocal link, unless its done through a joint venture partnership , a trade off between two site owners which can be done by offering something in return to benefit either site, and possibly a well written article could itself be indexed on pages of the search engines). Once you have written your article it is not just article directories you should consider sending them to but e-zines or electronic newsletters. This will not only be archived by the people running the newsletter but if it is reprinted in one of their circulations, it could be seen by over 20,000 plus of their readership which in turn could give your sites viewing a huge boost. Quite a lot of these newsletters are themselves looking for content. A "well" written article is an expression of writing informatively and confidently about a subject that you may know well. If not but you would like to write about the subject online resources are already available to look up any area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and with word editors to help with spelling and grammar there is no reason why this route could not be followed, as it will guarantee you some success.

The next folder should be called "ebooks". This is a logical follow on from articles as you will have plenty of content from writing your articles and your knowledge will have grown through research. One of the things you would have to do if you were starting from scratch for a book. This gives you the edge then of being one step in front for this project. But how does writing an ebook get you traffic and indeed how can it help your rankings? The first thing to know about an ebook is that it can be written with your sites product or services as the promotion feel through. This can then be given away or sold if you feel the information it contains is thought after by enough people. When you have an ebook, it is converted into an exe.file or pdf. This refers to the output term but either way it is an html document. Very much similar to a web page layout but without the tables and forms that appear within the html make up of a website. So when you upload it to your site as a download search engines also spider the html document without the downsides a web page brings as it is just content this can actually give it more "weight" and value to the spiders and could actually rank higher than your site in the searches. Indeed one ebook I noticed this anomaly with was ranked at PR7 with Google. By then giving it away and asking others to do the same or uploading to other ebook giveaway sites you actually have your own mini website being circulated around the internet. This is something that can remain permanent and find that you could be getting traffic for months and years to come.

These two tactics are legit and can not only start your websites life in the big wide world web but will sustain it through its life. It is something that has to be done as regular as possible to get the most out of but as someone said after being told he was lucky. His reply was "The harder I work, the luckier I get".

Source by Stephen Roberts

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