What is a Pre-Launch?

Posted by on April 5, 2022

A pre-launch allows companies, teams, and individuals to get a big jump start to build a home based, network marketing, or MLM business. Now there are several different types of pre-launches, depending on what a company or the individuals behind the launch are aiming to accomplish.

The first type of a pre-launch is a “Company Launch”. This type of a launch is used when a brand new company is gearing up to officially launch their business for the very first time. A company pre-launch can last anywhere from 30, 60, or even 90 days.

You typically see these types of pre-launches in the home-based business industry because it allows affiliates, distributors, or members to pre-build their business usually using free replicated websites.
Members simply share their website with their friends, family, and often market their websites online and off to enroll other like-minded people into their business.

Because there is no cost to join during a pre-launch, you typically see thousands, even tens of thousands of people joining the pre-launch. When it’s time to officially launch into the company, a percentage of free members become “paid” members, meaning they officially join the home-based business opportunity.

And that’s where the power of the pre-launch really kicks in because you can earn upfront and/or monthly residual income from everyone who joined your team during the pre-launch. (Both from people who you’ve personally enrolled as well as people they’ve enrolled, and people that they’ve enrolled, and so on.)

Now contrary to what some may think, the actual companies themselves who are gearing up to launch are not typically the people behind the pre-launch.

Let’s face it, when a company is launching their business, they have 4,000 other things to worry about and get set up. Running a pre-launch is an extremely time intensive and often a difficult puzzle to put together for the people who are setting everything up. Sure, everything seems easy and flows well from what you see, but we can assure you a LOT of time, people, software, programming, and more goes into a pre-launch.

So typically the pre-launches you see on and off of the Internet are created by teams of expert marketers who have partnered with the company who is launching and/or became a distributor or affiliate for the company.

You see, pre-launches are a very, very specialized marketing strategy. Like we always say and joke with our marketing and fellow work-from-home friends, “They don’t teach how to host, manage, and run a pre-launch in any school or college!”

And that’s one of the main reasons why you don’t see 1,000 pre-launches happening every single day for every new business or product that launches. Not too many people fully understand the power behind a pre-launch or how to set everything up to help thousands of people get a fast-start to building their home-based business.

Now the second type of pre-launch is called a “Country Launch”, which is when an already established company is gearing up to launch their business opportunity and/or products into another country. Now just like a “company launch”, country launches are not usually hosted or put together by the company. They are usually put together by leaders and successful marketers who are already established in the company.

As far as the third type of pre-launch, there are several spokes in the wheel, meaning there are several branches of this type of launch called, “Product Launch”. New product launches can take advantage of some of the pre-launch marketing tools you typically put together for a company or country launch.

When leaders learn from a company they’re associated with find out that a new product will be launching in 30, 60, 90 or more days, they consider putting together a pre-launch. If all the pieces line up and the timing is where it needs to be, they pull the trigger. Everyone on the team gets their own specialized pre-launch marketing websites to begin to pre-build their customer base. (Yes, pre-launches are used for both enrolling new distributors and for acquiring customers!)

And finally, the fourth type of pre-launch is called a “Team Launch”. This type of launch is a completely different animal and typically tied into one of the other types of launches above. A team launch is simply when a group of individuals launch their team into an area or new country.

These types of launches are very unique because a team really needs to bring something special and unique to the table when it comes to showing others why they need to consider joining their team. That can be anything and everything from training, marketing materials, support, free tools, conference calls, support, and so on.

So which type of pre-launch are we doing?

Our team has put together a pre-launch to launch the company we’re associated with (who has been in business for almost 3 years) into Australia and New Zealand.

We’re doing a combination of both the country pre-launch and a team pre-launch into Australia and New Zealand. The reason why we’re doing the combination launch is because although the company we’re associated with is doing a soft launch in New Zealand and Australia at the end of February, their official launch isn’t until May. (A soft launch is simply the company opening the doors to do business in Australia and New Zealand to give them, and all of us time to ramp up for the official launch in May.)

So we pin-pointed early April to do our official Team launch for three reasons…

1. To give you time to get to know us, our team, the company, the products, the compensation plan, and of course, give you time to pre-build your business.

2. After we officially launch into the company in April we’ll immediately then begin building towards the “official” launch in May. Because the owners, managers, founders, and leaders in the company will be flying out and hosting several large meetings and trainings in Australia and New Zealand, you, as part of our team, will have access to all of the marketing, promotions, and training leading up to these big events.

3. To give the company time to get ready for our BIG launch. Now we cannot promise how many people will join the company when we launch, but we’re all gearing up for thousands and thousands of people all coming in at once. As you can imagine, there’s a lot to do on their end to prepare for the explosion we’re about to create!

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