What Is The Meaning Of Koi Colors?

Posted by on December 10, 2017

Koi fish have been used as symbols of good luck for centuries and koi colors meanings are often given positive human characteristics, such as strength, endurance, perseverance and bravery. You never hear any negative traits applied to describe a color of this unique fish.

The symbolism of most color is fairly standard. For example:

Red, the color of fire and blood, could be associated with strength, determination or passion, love and desire. Red is a stimulating color and has been shown to raise blood pressure.

Blue could stand for stability, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. It is a calming color and can help reduce the metabolism and relieve stress.

White, the color of snow, stands for purity and cleanliness and is associated with perfect conditions while black could symbolize strength or mystery and usually has a negative connotation.

If you search for a specific koi colors meaning, you will find that they have symbolized with strong family values, success in business and relationships as well as masculine and feminine attributes. Some people buy koi based only on the meaning of the color. The important thing is that keeping a koi in your home is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Without the brilliant colors though, these would be just ordinary fish suitable only for eating. Fortunately, selective breeding over the centuries has given us many different colors and the patterns on the fish are as individual as fingerprints.

Color is king. Different varieties of koi fish are identified by the color, markings and scale variations. There is no doubt that the vivid colors and exotic patterns have something to do with the popularity of koi fish tattoos. Koi colors are beautiful and original no matter what type you choose.

These fish have long been viewed as symbols of love and friendship, peace and serenity, courage and strength. This is one reason why they have become popular on everything from jewelry to tattoos and anyone with a fish tattoo will be happy to tell you what the colors mean to them.

It should be no surprise that gold, platinum and silver koi colors symbolize wealth, prosperity and success in business. White could symbolize advancement or success in your career and black could be for other positive changes in your life. And of course, red symbolizes relationships, especially love.

When the fish has two or more colors, a person to have his or her own interpretation of what the koi colors mean. A red and white fish could symbolize success in almost anything in your life from personal to professional relationships. This is especially true when the koi is a gift to a special person or for a special occasion.

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