Which Affiliate Program Do I Choose To Market?

Posted by on April 15, 2018

Research and you will find the right affiliate program for you! Ask and it will be explained to you. The answers are out there waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to ask the sellers of their affiliate program what you need to know before making any decision.

Joining any if not all affiliate programs should be free. So ask the seller if its going to cost you anything or not. If you must pay then what the point of joining – ask?

Its nice to know when you receive your cheques when you do start getting the traffic and your affiliate program link is being clicked. Find out what your payment schedule will be – weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Sometimes affiliate programs require a minimum commission to be earned before any payment it made so this is also important to know.

How will your affiliate program generate its commission? Will it be by the number of clicks the affiliate banner, affiliate graphic or affiliate text link will receive? If this is one of the ways you will be generating affiliate income then you will need to be aware of this feature int he affiliate program.

Don’t forget to make sure that tracking of the affiliate program you refer is in place by the affiliate program seller to ensure that you are always paid commission for the affiliate program referrals you make. And will this tracking be recorded months later in the event your visitor isn’t a first time buyer but purchases from your afiliate program link months later.

Whatever affiliate program you choose must also provide adequate tracking and detailed statistic features. These statistics should be available online always. You will need to be able to review these statistics anytime so that you can see how many hits/clicks the affiliate program graphic or text received; how many impressions (the number of times) the affiliate program was viewed in the visitors browser.

Another important factor to know is whether you will be paid commission by the number of impressions the affiliate program receives. Remember impressions are the number of times the affiliate program is viewed in the browser. If the your affiliate is has a low sales to click ratio this is important to know.

Who is the online retailer? Find out whom you are doing business with to know if it is really a solid company. Know the products they are selling and the average amount they are achieving. The more you know about the retailer offering you the affiliate program, the easier it will be for you to know if that program is really for you and your site.

Is the company you will be associated with in the affiliate program a solid bricks and mortar company? Get to know who they are and acquaint yourself fully with their product. By knowing the product and the company you will be able to make a better marketing presentation in the affiliate marketplace.

Will your choice of affiliate program allow you to sponsor more affiliates? And will any referrals these sponsors generate add to your commission. In other words, is the referral program a one tier or two tier program? Often two tier programs not only pay commission of the sponsors referral but also on having recruited that sponsor.

5% – 20% is the commission paid by most programs. Is a commission scale of .01% – .05% paid for each hit or impressions? Understanding these scales and rations is important in finally deciding whether you have the right affiliate program.

There are many more questions you will have but for the time being the above will give you a good starting point in deciding which is the right affiliate program for you. Don’t be afraid to ask as many question as possible before making your choice. Your time and effort is just as important to you as it is to your affiliate before you beging to market any affiliate program.

Source by Peter Robson

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