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Posted by on April 7, 2022

Wireless jobs can provide steady and consistent employment for those interested. Are you looking for an opportunity to get paid for your performance, to learn and/or improve your sales skills, to get promoted, and to work in a recession resistant industry? If so, the following will explain the basics of getting a wireless job at a cell phone dealer or corporate cellular location.

How to Find Wireless Jobs:

  1. Update your resume and highlight your previous experience and achievements. You will need this to submit to job sites and as you visit each location and meet with recruiters or managers.
  2. Depending on your ability and willingness to travel, do a local online search for wireless stores in your area (search wireless stores, cell phone companies, or by individual names). For example, a search of cell phone stores will usually list both direct, or corporate, stores, and indirect, or privately owned, authorized retail locations.
  3. Visit Celly Source’s wireless jobs center. Celly Source’s targeted wireless jobs center lets you quickly look for cell phone jobs in your area or any city nationwide. Find AT&T jobs, T-Mobile jobs, Sprint jobs, Verizon jobs, and more!
  4. Visit the corporate websites of the big named wireless carriers in your area (such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon…) and look for job listings. You can submit your resume to them or get in contact with a recruiting or hiring manager.
  5. Go to your local mall! Many malls have at least two to over ten different cellular dealers! Wear professional attire and have your resume prepared. Ask for the manager and/or the recruiter/hiring manager. In my experience, many sales manager will tell you that they are ALWAYS looking for a good asset to add to their team. If you hear the words “not hiring,” do not give up on your search. Continue to check back for openings and sell yourself to them!
  6. Research the company that you have a scheduled interview with so you are ready with questions and responses for the interview. Be determined, show your personality and confidence, and sell yourself. If you do this you have a great chance at landing wireless jobs in the future!

Additional Wireless Jobs Tips:

  • Some cell phone companies require college education and/or sales experience while others do not.
  • Remember, this is a sales industry so be sure to sell yourself!
  • Sales and/or commission pay is not for everyone. If you do not have sales experience but you possess the right attitude, you will succeed.
  • As you meet with multiple cell phone companies, you will realize that the pay structures vary so be sure to inquire about specifics from each.

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